• Hints:
         -Every character has a trust level based on how honest you are with them. The higher the trust level, the more information they'll give you, unless you're dealing with the culprit. The culprit will hide more information from you if you are more honest with him or her.

         -There are three major endings. In order to get the third ending, you need to find the other two first.

         -If you're looking for the murderer, be sure to treat Naoki well, especially if you have the chance to do something for him that he'd rather not do himself.

         -The exploration at the start might not seem to have much of an effect, but there is a certain situation that will give you more information than any other situation. You might have to go alone.

    Walkthroughs (Contain Spoilers):
    SD Route | Find the Killer End | True End | Hide