Q: Norton says your game is a virus! Why?
          A: If the file is a recently built file that very few people use, Norton will flag it as a possible virus. Since Kansei is a new game made by a very small group, it matches up with Norton's profile of a potential virus. All our files are scanned for viruses when we upload them to the server, so if you buy from us, you should be fine.

          Q: What is Jisei? Do I have to play it before I play Kansei?
          A: Jisei is the prequel to Kansei, and it's the introduction to several of the main characters as well as the initial plot. Kansei recaps the story of Jisei briefly, but it's recommended that you play Jisei for the full story experience. You can buy both Jisei and Kansei in a discounted bundle here.

          Q: I'm stuck in the game. What do I do now?
          A: Check out our hints and walkthrough. If you're still stuck, feel free to contact us.

          Q: Who are those two blond guys in the OP video? Did I miss something in the game?
          A: You didn't miss anything! The OP video contains some hints towards future things that might only be spoken about briefly in the game.

          Q: I have a question that isn't here or in the walkthrough. How can I contact you?
          A: You can find all of our contact information here.