A teenager with the ability to relive the death of any corpse he touches. He seems to have unnaturally bad luck, constantly finding dead bodies. He doesn't like to give out much information about himself, but it seems that he's been traveling from one city to the next for several years.

Mikolaj Gurski
(Voiced by: Christopher Niosi)
     A police detective in the city of Edgewater. He has a sarcastic streak and a quick tongue. Despite his laid back nature, he knows more than he lets on.

Naoki Mizutani
(Voiced by: Micah Solusod)
     A college kid with a sweet personality and a shy demeanor. He is part of a special detective agency, and he has an eidetic memory. He's often the (very quiet) voice of reason.

Aki Mizutani
(Voiced by: Apphia Yu)
     Naoki's twin sister, and the leader of an investigation agency made up of kids with special abilities. Brash, aggressive, and very outgoing. She can speak directly into anyone's mind.

Li Mei
(Voiced by: Cherami Leigh)
     A young girl who lives with Aki and Naoki. No one seems to want to talk about her or what she does.

Kevin Nealy
(Voiced by: Zach Holzman)
     A fresh college grad currently working as IT guy for Auten Engineering. It doesn't seem like he's interested in anything but money, but he'd do anything for it.

Sophia Millerson
(Voiced by: Karen Hayman)
     Mr. Auten's personal assistant. Sophia is in charge of managing his day to day affairs as well as issuing statments and press releases when Mr. Auten doesn't feel like talking to anyone. She knows everything there is to know about his company.

Liam Auten
(Voiced by: Matt Alan)
     Mr. Auten's party-happy nephew. Lately, he's been getting in a lot of trouble for more than just partying. Rumor has it he's been arguing with his uncle about it.

Marissa Klein
(Voiced by: Melissa Johnson)
     A chipper magazine reporter who will do anything for the next big scoop. She enjoys poking around in everyone's personal business. She's also the last person who saw the deceased alive.