• Genre: Supernatural, mystery
    Gameplay: Adventure, visual novel
    Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Playtime: 8-9 hours (with voices on)
    Rating: 13+ for depictions of crime scenes and blood

      Yousei is an interactive story game produced by sakevisual, and the sequel to the murder mystery games Jisei and Kansei. It follows Kangai and the team of psychic detectives he works with. The group goes undercover at a local university to investigate Kangai's history, but the sudden death of a professor sets them on a new course racing an old enemy for valuable information.

      Take control of Kangai as you explore the campus, interrogate suspects, and unearth together the secrets behind the lies. Can you catch the murderer, or will the murderer catch you?

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  • Yousei Screen Shot
    Learn more about your teammates and their history as you dig up old secrets.
  • Yousei Screen Shot
    Befriend a suspect, or try a little bit of blackmail?
  • Yousei Screen Shot
    Explore campus, interrogate suspects, and keep track of hints to unravel the mystery.
  • Yousei Screen Shot
    Who's a potential ally, and who's a murderer?