A teenager with the ability to relive the death of any corpse he touches. He seems to have unnaturally bad luck, constantly finding dead bodies. He doesn't like to give out much information about himself, but it seems that he's been traveling from one city to the next for several years.

Mikolaj Gurski
(Voiced by: Christopher Niosi)
     A police detective in the city of Edgewater, and Kangai's "handler." It's his job to keep Kangai and the others out of trouble. He has a sarcastic streak and a quick tongue. He seems to be pretty evasive when talking about history.

Aki Mizutani
(Voiced by: Apphia Yu)
     The leader of a government-controlled investigation agency made up of kids with psychic abilities. Brash and impulsive with a very "flexible" definition of following the rules. She can speak directly into anyone's mind.

Naoki Mizutani
(Voiced by: Micah Solusod)
     Aki's younger twin brother, and the voice of reason in most of their escapades. Withdrawn and quiet. He has an eidetic memory.

Li Mei
(Voiced by: Cherami Leigh)
     The final member of the investigation agency. A quiet girl with a dark side. The other members of the group seem hesitant to talk about her past. She absorbs the emotions of everyone around her.

Chance Jackson
(Voiced by: Kira Buckland)
     An unflaggingly cheerful university student. She's seen Kangai solve cases in the past, and she's eager to help him out again.

Shawn Tasse
(Voiced by: Kevin M. Connolly)
     Student liaison at the University of Edgewater. Friendly, enthusiastic, and happy to answer any questions. Although he comes from a rich family, he tries not to make a big deal about it.

Aaron Vanich
(Voiced by: Edwyn Tiong)
     One of the grad students at the University of Edgewater, and the host student for Kangai. He's an amateur photographer, and he's never seen without his camera.

Jupiter Celedon
(Voiced by: Erica Mendez)
     Head student at the biology lab. Strict, professional, and hard-working.

David Sawicki
(Voiced by: Clifford Chapin)
     A grad student at the biology lab. Appointed second in command, but he rarely seems to actually do anything.

Nathan Holm
(Voiced by: Chris Cason)
     Another biology grad student, and David's best friend. He has a genius level intellect, and can learn anything on the first try.

Additional Cast
-Girl: Mindy Owen
-Marissa Klein: Melissa D. Johnson
-Woman: Karen Kahler
-HP Worker: Greg Nugent
-School Worker: James Goins

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