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   It's been a while since we updated, but we're updating with some great news! Backstage Pass is now available on Steam Early Access. If you pre-ordered the game, you can request a code here.

   Lots of news this time around! First off pre-orders are now open! Pre-order now for some really nice goodies including the lovely opening song you hear in our shiny new trailer! Also, we're up for voting on Steam Greenlight, so please give us an upvote if you happen to be headed that way.

   Check out the characters page for a new CG of Benito Kouyama!

   New Adam CG on the characters page. It's super romantic!

   Due to popular vote, a new Matthew CG is up on the characters page. If you want to be part of the fan votes, join us on facebook, twitter, tumblr.

   Check out our info page for some new screen shots, including a first look at the game system at work.

   The characters page has gotten a major update with profiles for all the remaining cast members. Check it out!

   New section up! We now have a page to showcase all of your fanworks!

   The character page has been updated again with CGs for each of the four main guys. Have a look!

   Three supporting characters added to the characters page.

Steam Code Request

If you pre-ordered the game, please fill out the following form to receive your Steam Code. The activation code is available in the email you received when you first pre-ordered the game. Remember to use the email address you used when you purchased the game!

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Backstage Pass is a visual novel/sim game currently being produced by sakevisual. It follows the life of Sian Goodin as she juggles her first year in college with her work as a professional makeup artist. Gameplay will be in the style of a stat-raising otome game, and the final game will be available for sale on PC, Mac, and Linux.

-Four potential suitors and a wide cast of characters
-Over 16 unique endings
-Fully Voiced (English)
-Raise stats to change the story
-Work jobs to earn money and increase your status in the industry.
-Change Sian's look with 80+ articles of clothing.
-80+ unique CGs

Backstage Pass

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