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Name: Sian Goodin
Stage Name: N/A
Occupation: Makeup Artist, College Student
Bio: Sian is a bright girl with a friendly demeanor, but a small circle of friends. She has mild social anxiety, so it's hard for her to meet new people or be in crowds for too long. She has a strong sense of duty, and she takes school and work very seriously.
Name: Adam Eaton
Stage Name: N/A
Occupation: Musician/Singer, College Student
CV: Micah Solusod
Bio: Adam and Sian grew up next door to each other on a small island in Hawaii. They've been close friends ever since a particularly awkward summer incident. He's laid back, relaxed, and generally likes to take things at his own pace. He spent most of his days writing bits of music as a way of avoiding doing homework. A producer recently discovered some of the songs he posted online and offered him a contract. His first single was a hit, and the sudden flood of attention is a bit overwhelming, but he's doing his best to take it in stride.

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Name: Benito Kouyama
Stage Name: Benito Zero
Occupation: Street Magician, Misc.
CV: Casey Mongillo
Bio: Benito is a genius teen who developed a passion for magic after seeing a magic show on TV when he was a little boy. Ever since, he's devoted his free time to developing his own tricks. He's intelligent beyond his years, and he excels at reading peoples' emotions. However, he's very new to the game, and he can be impatient about getting his career going. He gives off an aura of being impulsive, but everything he does is calculated and precise.

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Name: John Brandon
Stage Name: N/A
Occupation: Actor, Producer
CV: Ian Sinclair
Bio: A British actor known around the world for his role as the lead character in the long-running TV Drama, Knight Errant. John's poised, polished, and mature, but he's grown a bit tired of a one-note career. Despite having several other credits to his name, people rarely see him for more than his most famous role. He's decided to take a break and move to the United States for a while to work on other aspects of the industry. He's currently Adam Eaton's music producer, and he's working with a co-producer to pitch a new TV series. While he has a gentleman's aura to him, he's quick to cut out anyone who he thinks isn't taking things seriously.

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Name: Matthew Partridge
Stage Name: Matthew Midnight
Occupation: Model
CV: Joel McDonald
Bio: Matthew is a very successful model who's been in the industry since he was a child. His work ranges from mainstream catalogs to avant-garde fashion shows. While on the job, he's cold, calm, and a little bit dark, but that persona is just a facade to hide his true nature. His controlling mother has kept him from socializing his entire life, so he's exceedingly shy and prone to panicking if he thinks he's said something wrong. His mother is currently trying to get him to break into acting, but he's not sure that's what he wants to do with his life.

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Name: Lloyd
Occupation: Director, Producer
CV: Lucien Dodge
Bio: Lloyd Newton is an award-winning director and a budding producer. He attended university in the UK where he and John shared a flat. The two grew very close, and agreed that one day they'd produce a show together. They're currently pitching a new TV series that they hope will be a hit. He has a very loose style of directing, often asking actors to improv or try out new lines on the spot.
Name: Rachel
Occupation: Camera Operator
CV: Terri Doty
Bio: A confident, career-oriented woman with aspirations of becoming a professional script writer. Extroverted, quick-witted, and hard working. She's spent enough time in the industry to make some connections, and she's currently looking for an agent for her scripts. She has little tolerance for people who do nothing but wait for their "big break," and she often encourages Sian to speak up for herself.
Name: Celina
Occupation: Actress
CV: Sarah Williams
Bio: A former child star, Celina is slated to play the lead in Lloyd Newton's upcoming TV series. She treats everyone respectfully, behaves professionally, and is an excellent actress, but she's emotionally distant from everyone around her. The gossip rags speak of some wild teenage years, but no one knows if any of it is true.
Name: Allison
Occupation: Aspiring Actress
CV: Erica Mendez
Bio: An aspiring actress trying to break into television on her own. Energetic, outgoing, and vibrant, but not terribly good at acting. She makes friends easily, and she's a hard worker, but it might be difficult for her to advance on nothing but enthusiasm.
Name: Madeline
Occupation: Manager, Mother, Everything Else(???)
CV: Karen Hayman
Bio: Former model, and original poster girl for her own line of cosmetics. Madeline had an extremely successful career, and now she expects her son Matthew to do the same. She'll do whatever it takes to give her son a competitive edge.
Name: Nicole
Occupation: Model
CV: Monica Rial
Bio: A carefree model with a natural beauty and a keen sense of fashion. She and Matthew were hired to do a shoot together, and she's been interested in him ever since. Impulsive, territorial, and a little bit spoiled.
Name: Dale
Occupation: Photographer
CV: Matthew Curtis
Bio: A photographer who's grown disillusioned with the entertainment industry. He continues his work because he's good at it and it pays the bills, but he finds actors, directors, and everyone else in the "biz" to be annoying and self-absorbed.
Name: Professor Couvalt
Occupation: English Professor
CV: Kevin M. Connolly
Bio: A harsh teacher famously known for being unforgiving with his grading. Teaches several intro courses, so every incoming student has to make it through at least one of his classes. Also serves as Sian's academic adviser.
Name: Professor Meridia
Occupation: Math Department Head
CV: Kimlinh Tran
Bio: Freeform, relaxed, and encouraging. She spends most of her time with grad students, but teaches a single intro course so she can get an idea of who she might be working with in the future.
Name: Alvin
Occupation: Tutor, Teacher's Aide
CV: Austin Tindle
Bio: A professional tutor with a passion for computer science. The only time he's not talking about math or programming is when he's geeking out over his favorite TV series, Knight Errant.

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