Build relationships with your classmates.

Can you win his heart?

Potential ally, or online menace?

Genre: Otome, slice of life, otaku culture
Game Type: Dating sim, stat raising
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Playing Time: ~35 min. first playthrough
Release Date: April 10, 2010
Price: FREE

    Merui loves video games, especially her favorite MMORPG, Rivenwell Online. Merui also has a very short temper, so when some JERK named Alistair steals a rare item from her, she's determined to exact revenge on him. Unfortunately, she has no idea who he is in real life. But hey, that's never stopped anyone, right?
    Take control of Merui and make new friends, balance schoolwork and fun, go shopping, search for the culprit, and maybe even discover a new romance.

Study and get smarter.

Chat with people you meet online.

Earn money to buy useful items.