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Q: How do I run the game?
A: Windows users should run realistair-installer.exe to install the game. Then just double click the RE: Alistair++ icon on your desktop or find it in your start menu under sakevisual->RE: Alistair++
Mac users can unzip the file by double-clicking on it. Then you should run

Q: Norton keeps deleting the game, claiming it's a virus. What do I do?
A: Norton includes an option to "exclude" certain files. Exclude RE:A++ before running it. We host our games on, which automatically scans for viruses, so you can trust that the game is clean.

Q: I'm stuck in the game. What do I do next?
A: Check the walkthrough. If it still doesn't answer your question, then feel free to ask at the forum, dA, twitter, or facebook.

Q: I thought I got all the CGs, but there's one under "Other" that I can't get!
A: You need to unlock the "Bonus???" in the extras menu.

Q: Why don't the Profile or Bonus??? buttons do anything?
A: You can only view a profile once you've finished that character's path completely, and the bonus button only works once you've reached all the endings.

Q: Okay, so how many endings are there, anyway?
A: Five and three bonus endings that come after the credits. You need to view all of these before the bonus in the extras unlocks.

Q: I can't get all the endings! How do I get them?
A: There are three "good" endings, one for each guy. The best ending involves a special bonus scene after the credits. There are two "alone" endings where you don't get any of the guys. The first one is the "bad" end if you don't guess Alistair's identity correctly. The second is the "revenge" end if you guess his identity correctly. In order to get an alone ending, you need to make sure no guy is interested in you. The easiest way to do that is to focus on raising a single stat each night without paying attention to the others.