My Magical Cosplay Cafe

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Genre: Parody
Type: Visual novel, multiple endings
Playing Time: ~15 min. single playthrough

      Hi! My name is Takeshi, and I'm the chef at the Magical Cosplay Cafe. Every day, I get to be around the super sweet girls who work at the cafe with me, but I still don't have a girlfriend! That makes me sad. : ( Maybe you can help me find a happy ending!

Riririri: Accuse Yamato -> Help Riririri -> She's Creepy -> Do Her Best -> Chase after the Person in the Alley
Yamato: Accuse Kurokage -> Tease Riririri -> She's Creepy -> Offer to do some Work -> Return to the Cafe
Kurokage: Accuse Riririri -> Tease Riririri - She's Beautiful -> Do Her Best -> Confront the Person Following You
True End: (Get all other endings first) Breakdance -> Help Riririri -> She's Beautiful -> Offer to do some Work -> [Any]